“Art will never die. It will always be a signal for new ways in human existence. However we may express it, that expression will be what our lives are made of.”

Gallery Ružić and Contemporaries

“Gallery Ružić in Slavonski Brod is a donation of Branko and Julija Ružić. It is a gift to a city that suffered a lot [during the war of Croatian independence in the 1990s]. It is the place where I was born and where my wife spent a part of her childhood and education.”

Branko Ružić, 1994.

Family collection

“Branko Ružić sees everything that he looks at as a sculpture”. That is how the painter Dubravka Babić once described him. Hardworking, full of imagination and curiosity, a man of endless creative energy, Ružić left behind a vast collection of works. A part of that impressive oeuvre is located in museums and galleries around Europe. Most of his works, however, are located at the Gallery Ružić and Contemporaries in Slavonski Brod, as well as in the Ružić Family Collection in Zagreb, the latter of which is cared for by his daughter Rajka Zlatarić and her children Nika and Radovan Zlatarić.

Selection of family art collection